Welcome to Music at North Kalgoorlie Primary School.



Music is a vital form of expression for all people from all cultures and societies. It engages the left and right sides of the brain simultaneously, assisting with concentration and focus. Music can help learning in other curriculum areas. It can assist in the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual development of the student. Music can promote both individual expression and cooperative learning. It can help with self-esteem, social cohesiveness and group identity.


Music is taught at NKPS to students from K/P to year six. The lessons are designed to be hands on, fun and educational. Students are taught using the Music Room and Listening Room program. It is a developmental classroom program broken into levels. It provides experience in listening, singing, moving, playing and creating. Students are introduced to the elements of beat, rhythm, pitch, harmony, dynamics, tempo, form, tone, texture and style. The program looks at art practice which involves using ideas, skills, techniques and processes as well as responding to the arts. This includes criticism, aesthetics and contexts. The early years learn simple, short songs which involve a craft activity to reinforce their learning.


Students will be beginning or continuing with learning keyboard this year. Those students who learn out of school are encouraged to bring their music to class to practice. Students who are learning at school will be taught using the Piano Adventures online program. The program is designed to teach musical concepts with engaging songs, build ear training, eye training, improvisation skills and develop physical  skills for expressive playing.


Students in Years 4-6 will be using Garage band this term to complete an ongoing Music project. It will involve them completing a task a week.


Due to Covid restrictions we are unable to continue with junior and senior choir. Those students who have shown an interest to be in choir will still learn the songs during music lessons and will hopefully get the opportunity to perform. The songs we are currently learning are Still I Fly and Easy On Me. We will continue to sing songs learnt last year.



Diamonds Lyrics

Dance Monkey lyrics

What about us


Hit the road Jack


Try Everything