Term Three, 2021


Welcome back to Term Three, I trust everyone had a lovely break! I am looking forward to another exciting term.

This term in English, we are jumping right back into the wilderness with our novel study on the Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. We will be moving on from Narrative writing and exploring a range of information reports. This will be tied in with the Tokyo 2020/2021 Olympics, where students will research an Olympic sport of their choice to write a report on. From there, they will then choose a well known Olympian for that sport to create a Biography about. 

In Mathematics, students will be exploring fractions by comparing, ordering, studying equivalent fractions and learning to add and subtract fractions with the same denominators. 

In Geography, we will be researching and learning about bushfires and how we can prevent or take action if necessary. Students will then move onto exploring the wonderful continent of Europe through research and virtual world experiences. 

As a result of all these exciting learning focuses, we will be creating some beautiful art work to tie everything together.  

Room 21 Timetable

needs and wants.jpg


This semester, Room 21 will be delving into the Economics and Business topic. We will start off looking wants and choices and then branch into the business aspect in Term 4.  Fun Time Lunch Time will be integrated into this block of learning.


Key teaching points of this learning area are:



In Year 5, students are provided with the opportunity to focus on the influence of emotional responses on relationships and to develop skills and strategies to manage changing relationships occurring at key transition points in their lives. They learn about ways they can take action to promote safe and healthy lifestyle practices in a range of contexts. They also focus on the importance of preventive measures to enhance their own health and promote a healthy lifestyle.


Our key topics for Semester Two are media influences and being safe while on line, changing relationships, skills to manage bullying sharing power and emotional responses.