Term One, 2021


A big hello and welcome to Room 21! Mrs Keleher and I, both look forward to working with your children this year and helping them thrive in and out of the classroom.

This term in our literacy block students will be revising their reading strategies (inferencing, visualising, predicting etc.) while we dive into the magical forest kingdom of Terabithia in our novel study of The Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson. We will also be examining and creating interesting narratives and preparing for NAPLAN next term. In health, we will be learning about what make a friendship toxic or good, finding our identity and what influences who we are. In Mathematics, we have mastered our factors and multiples and will be building on our multiplication strategy bank as we explore the lattice, area and partitioning methods for multiplication and working with remainders in division. We will also be releasing our inner artist as we unwind and create many beautiful art pieces!

Room 21 Timetable

During Hass, students researched an explorer and had many discussion around the history of the Australian flag.