Bring your own iPad

What if my child/family already has an iPad?   
If your family already has an iPad Air (or newer) and you would like to send this to school with your child, you do not need to purchase a new device at this time. The iPad Air 32GB is the minimum that can be used. We do not recommend purchasing an iPad Air, but if you have one already you can use that for your child’s school iPad. Please note iPad 2 devices are no longer considered suitable for use at school as they are not compatible with iOS 12. 

What iPad should I buy?   
We recommend the iPad 6th Generation, which currently retails for $469 from the Apple Online Store. These can be purchased from a variety of recommended Apple resellers. Purchasing an older iPad may mean your device is unable to be updated and the compatibility of apps may become an issue in the future.     
It is worth noting that Apple regularly upgrades its iPad range each year around October when they release their new version.  After this, (often in late October) they drop the prices of the last generation iPads which may make it cheaper if you are buying an iPad.
Why minimum 32GB?   
Items stored on the iPad include apps, photos, videos and other media and 32GB will enable students to store their work on the device without having to manage the content externally. It allows the flexibility for home and holiday use by your family.
Who will be responsible for updates and app purchases? 
You will be required to install apps on your child’s iPad while at home in order for them to participate fully in the 1:1 iPad program. A list of apps which need to be initially installed on all iPads will be provided at a maximum cost of fifty dollars. This initial cost will set the iPads up with all of the creation apps that students will require. This amount will not be an ongoing cost as most of the additional apps are free.
School staff will not be able to install apps on your child’s iPad. If you purchase the AppleCare Protection Plan for your iPad you are provided with 24/7 telephone support from Apple technical experts for 2 years. If you have problems installing apps they will provide assistance over the phone.  

Where should I get my child’s iPad from?   
There are a number of options you may wish to consider in regard to providing your child with an iPad to bring to school in 2019:

  • You may provide an iPad you already have at home. Please consider personal items such as photos that you may wish to remove before you send it to school with your child.

  • Harvey Norman Kalgoorlie

  • Apple Store or online offers free delivery

  • You may wish to purchase or lease a new iPad for your child.

  • Apple also offers a discounted price on new iPads for BYOi schools. This is the official Apple Store, but offers a discounted price for BYOi iPads for NKPS.  This website link is only available from this page so please use the following link if you wish to explore or purchase from this option.

  • ​​An BYO iPad purchasing portal is available through an education iPad supplier who is offering a discounted price. To access this portal, go to and then choose BYOD Portal Login. The school code of NKPS6430 can then be entered to access the pricing and store.