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Welcome to Shea K/pp 2023

Welcome to Shea Kindy and Pre-primary for 2023! This year your teacher will be Miss K with amazing help from Mrs Siebert (EA). We are super excited to watch your child learn and grow this year and work alongside families to create an amazing learning experience for all.  

Term One Theme

This is our first term in Kindy and Pre-primary, you bet we are going to start with a bang! 

The vibe for this term is loving and learning! We will be focusing on our key sounds in literacy and numbers from 1 -10 in mathematics. 


We may come home a little dirty but we promise it's all for a good cause - this term we will work on fine tuning our fine and gross motor and strengthening our pencil grip. 

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Term one timetable 

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How you can help 


First term is always the most hectic term of Preprimary, children are getting used to full time school and often come home tired (sometimes overwhelmed). It's important not to over work your little one as we ideally want to foster a love of learning. 

In Week 5 of this term Pre's will begin taking home comprehensions readers. These are story books with questions on each page for you to chat about with your child. 

Along with reading to your child, oral language through conversation is also very important. sparking conversation about colours, their day or their favourite things is a very valuable learning tool.

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Important Documents

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