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Important Dates

Monday's: Library day- students need their library bag (with their name on it) and the previous weeks book to be able to borrow a book.

Tuesday 13th February- Welcome Night and Parent Information Session (time TBA)

Tuesday's: Sports lesson- on Tuesday we have sport in the last hour. Please ensure students have a hat, drink bottle and appropriate footwear (preferably running style shoes).

Week 3- On Entry starts for all Pre-Primary classes. You don't need to do anything for this but you may see a different teacher in the classroom!

Week 4- As of week 4 the Pre-Primary's will be attending the whole school assemblies. . If you are late on these days, please make sure you drop off your child's bag to the classroom and come to the Undercover Area and find your class. The assembly starts at 8:45am sharp. If your child is getting a certificate the teacher will let you know so you can come watch, otherwise parents do not need to attend each assembly.


On Tuesday we are lucky enough to have Mrs Sarah Chidlow as our teacher. Mrs Chidlow will be teaching Digital Technology, Health, Science and Music! We are very lucky to have such a fabulous teacher :)

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