Welcome to Shea Pre Primary 2021

Welcome to Shea PP 2021! Your teachers for this year are Miss Madi Jackson and Miss Georgia Potts (EA). We look forward to learning and growing with your children this year and working with families to get the best out of everyone! 

Literacy focus Term 1: 

  • Letter/sound progression (lower case) 

  • s a t p i n 

  • m r h e d c 

  • f l g u b 

  • w j o v k z 

  • x qu 

  • Onset/rime of CVC words; for example, b-ug put the sounds together to hear the word

      (d-og, s-it, m-at, etc) 

  • Rhyming words; hearing rhyme and generating rhyming words 

  • Hearing the initial sound in a word; for example, what sound does cat start with? 

Numeracy focus Term 1: 

Counting skills such as;  

  • one-to-one recognition 

  • counting to 10  

  • recognizing numerals to 10  

  • subitising small collections 

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