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Term 1 Classroom Learning 

We will be focusing on extending sound knowledge by concentrating on digraphs (sh, ch, th, oo, ee, ck, x, wh and qu). Spelling lists and associated activities will begin. Children will be assessed and lists will be relevant to their stage. In reading we will be focusing on decoding using sound skills to figure out unknown words. Writing will be developing understanding of recounts of personal experiences and retells of stories and texts read/heard. 

Number & Algebra: Number sequences to 100, skip counting, fact families, partitioning numbers to 10 and a focus on Mental Maths.
Measurement & Geometry: Compare the lengths of objects and describe duration using months, weeks and days.

Humanities and Social Sciences (H.A.S.S).
History is the focus of HASS for Semester One. This includes family structure, celebrations, personal events, objects from the past and the present and how aspects of daily life have changed over time.

Mrs Sims will be teaching Protective Behaviours every second Thursday and I will teach other aspects of personal health on Wednesdays. 

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