Teacher: Miss Jenelle Tremain


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Room 12 Year 1

Information for Term 2

  • Our class assembly is on Friday, 25th June.

  • School photo days are Monday 24th & Tuesday 25th May.

  • Public Holiday Monday 7th June

  • Home Reader changing day is Thursday.

Classroom Learning in Term 2


We are continuing to work on phonics (sounds) and will focus on ar, or, er, ai, ay, ng, all, oy and oi this term. 

In reading we are working on retelling the events of a story in sequence. This includes being able to identify the beginning, middle and end of a story. In writing we are aiming to include more details and implement our spelling skills into our work. Spelling continues as per Term 1. All students have been progressing well. If you would like their weekly spelling lists sent through, please let me know.


We will be introduced to telling the time. Year 1s need to be able to tell time to the half hour. Statistics and Probability will be a focus where we look into chance and outcomes of events. Later in Term 2 we will begin to study Australian coins. We will continue working hard on number, increasing our knowledge of part, part, whole and various counting strategies.


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