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YUWA!! Hello! We are all happy to meet you. It is week 2 already and we are gradually getting to know the students, while they get used to life in Pre-primary. Everyone has made an impressive start. 

I (Ms Doust) am teaching in the classroom Monday , Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday I work in the school as Literacy Lead teacher. On Thursday and Friday, Mrs Needham is the teacher. 

Mrs Sarah Childlow will be the PP specialist teacher, teaching Music, Health, Science and Technology through an integrated program. 

Timetable Term 1

timetable PP.jpg

What to bring to school

  • ​A broad-brimmed hat

  • A healthy recess (that I like)

  • A healthy lunch (that I like)

  • Crunch 'n' Sip

  • A water bottle 

  • Spare clothes



On Entry Assessment Information:
Testing begins Week 3...more information to follow

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