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Welcome to Term 4

Welcome back to the last term of the year! It is going to be a busy term with lots of activities and events organised, starting with swimming lessons in weeks 1 and 2. We also have FunTime LunchTime in week 7 and the End of Year Concert in week 9!

As this is the last term of the year, it is also reporting time. The students will be consolidating the skills that they have learnt over the year, and they will be eagerly preparing themselves for the transition into the next year level.

HOMEWORK - Thank you again to those students who returned their folders for updating at the end of term 3. This term for homework, the students will be bringing home an individualised list of words that have been identified as gaps in spelling knowledge from the last spelling test. Each students list will be specifically for them and it will help them fill any gaps they still have which is preventing them from progressing to the next stage in spelling. The Maths homework will continue to focus on basic number facts in addition and subtraction. For a student to be fluent in their basic number facts, they need to be able to verbally answer single digit addition and subtraction problems in 3 seconds or less. Using the websites of Studyladder and Top Marks will help build this fluency they need in their basic number facts.  


ENGLISH - The students will be looking at writing narratives this term. They will be looking at characters, setting, problems and solutions that make up the structure of a narrative text.  

MATHEMATICS - Year 1 - building number knowledge to 100.


                           Year 2 - building number knowledge to 1000.

H.A.S.S. - This term the students are continuing on with Geography, with a focus on managed, constructed and natural environments.

HEALTH - Again this term Ms. Henderson will be teaching Protective Behaviours once a fortnight, with Mrs. Kelly teaching personal health weekly in the classroom. 

Welcome to Term 3 Room 16 Year 1/2


Welcome back to term 3. I hope you all had a lovely holiday.


A number of timetable changes have occurred this term. A printed timetable detailing these changes has been sent home to all students. 

HOMEWORK - Thank you to those students who returned their homework folders for Term 3 updating. A new homework activity sheet has been added to the books. This term, the websites Studyladder and Top Marks will be used for Maths activities. These activities focus on the very important skill of rapid recall of basic number facts. Each week a new 'pod' of activities has been set for each year level. These pods show which students have completed the activities and how they went with achieving success with each activity. Information about the two websites has been sent home with all students. 

ENGLISH - This term, the students will be learning about Fiction and Non-fiction texts, and the different features of these texts. The students will be researching and writing Information Reports about Australian animals. 

MATHS -  The students will be consolidating their skills in numbers to and from 100 (Year 1), and to and from 1000 (Year 2). They will be using a range of addition and subtraction strategies to solve word problems, demonstrating their mathematical understanding and reasoning. Building rapid recall of basic number facts (addition and subtraction) will be a daily focus. The students will look at telling time to the o'clock and half past the hour (Year 1), and quarter to and quarter past the hour (Year 2). 2D and 3D shapes and objects will be explored.  

HEALTH - This term, Health will be taught in two parts. Mrs. Kelly will be teaching personal health and Ms. Henderson will be teaching Protective Behaviours. 

H.A.S.S. - Geography is the focus for the remainder of the year. The students will be learning about their surroundings by looking at the features of Australia, Western Australia and Kalgoorlie. Research will be conducted on Paddy Hannan and the discovery of gold in Kalgoorlie.