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Welcome to Term 1

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The students in Room 16 have started the year by looking at number sequences.


To work out the number sequence and the number before and the number after, the Year 1 students worked in pairs and rolled a die to find the target number. They then worked together to write the number before and the number after the target number. 

The Year 2 students used cards to work out their two-digit target number.

Art Element - Cool and Warm Colour

Welcome to Term 2

Welcome back to Term Two. I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday.


Thank you to those families continuing to help support your children with their home reading and homework tasks. A new activity grid and word list has been sent home for Term Two.

English - This term, the students will continue to look at retells and recounts in writing. The students have been tested in spelling and reading, and spelling and reading instruction continues based on those results. 

Maths - Year 1 - working with numbers to 50. Telling time to the o'clock and half past the hour. Recognising and ordering Australian coins according to their value.

Year 2 - working with numbers to 500. Telling time to the quarter past and quarter to the hour. Counting small collections of Australian coins and notes.

STEM - This term, the students are working on a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) project based around the story: 'The Most Magnificent Thing' by Ashley Spires. Over the term, the students will be required to do a number of different things which builds up to making their own magnificent thing. A Connect notice was sent home regarding the collection of recyclable materials to get each student started on their project. Thank you for your help with this preparation to get started with the project.  

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