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Welcome to Term 3

Welcome back to Term Three. I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday.

Important events for Term 3: 100 Days of School, Book Week Dress Up, Sports Carnival, Open Night and our assembly in week 6. Information will follow throughout the term about each event closer to the time. 


Thank you to those families continuing to help support your children with their home reading and homework tasks. A new activity grid and word list is ready to be added to homework folders for Term Three. The word lists  identify the gaps that the students have in their recent spelling test. Through practising these lists again at home, the students have a greater chance of being able to retain these words and to be successful in spelling them correctly. Math activities for this term are accessed through the websites Studyladder and Top Marks. Each week, a new learning pod will be set for the students on Studyladder where I have access to how many activities have been attempted and how many correct answers have been made. This provides valuable information as to what the students are achieving and any gaps they need to focus on. 

English - This term, the students will be introduced to fiction and non-fiction text types. Over the term, we will be researching and writing information reports on Australian native flora and fauna, also linking into this semesters H.A.S.S. focus on geography. The students have been tested in spelling and reading, and spelling and reading instruction continues based on those results. 

Maths - Year 1 - working with numbers to 100. Solving more complex single-digit addition and subtraction problems, exploring 2D and 3D shapes and objects and collecting data and graphing the information.

Year 2 - working with numbers to 1000. Solving double-digit addition and subtraction problems, learning about area, multiplication and division, and explaining results from data collected in various ways.



The students in Room 16 have started the year by looking at number sequences.


To work out the number sequence and the number before and the number after, the Year 1 students worked in pairs and rolled a die to find the target number. They then worked together to write the number before and the number after the target number. 

The Year 2 students used cards to work out their two-digit target number.

Art Element - Cool and Warm Colour

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Reading Instruction

During shared reading and reading instruction, the students in Room 16 have been working on their fluency by reading in 'fluency pairs'. 

During fluency pairs, the students practise repeated reading of their focus text by reading to their partner. Over the week of reading in their 'fluency pairs', the students gain the fluency they need to become a successful reader.