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Welcome to Room 16 Year 2 
Mrs Kelly and Mrs Lawrence 

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Term 2 Learning

ENGLISH – In Term 2, students move onto more complex sounds in phonics and spelling. They develop fluency with these sounds over the week through dictation and reading activities. The writing focus is to continue with recounts and retells and then move on to procedure writing later in the term.

MATHS – Early multiplication strategies, such as groups and arrays become the focus for Term 2 learning, along with fractions, 2D and 3D shapes and objects. Students practise doubles and near doubles mental facts, with the aim to become fluent in these facts by the end of the year.

H.A.S.S. – continuing from Term 1, the students look at changes in technology and how these changes have impacted our lives over time.

Visual Arts – a number of celebrations this term, such as ANZAC Day and Mother’s Day make up our visual arts activities. The students will also finish off the elements of art.

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