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Welcome to Room 20

My name is Mrs Jan Rowling, and I will be teaching your child from Monday to Thursday.  I have been teaching at NKPS both full time and part time, off and on, for about 20 years, and actually  taught a few members of this class every Friday in Kindy!

My aim is that all of us leave school every day feeling like we’ve had a really good day.

If you would like to contact me to organise a meeting, or just to let me know something that may have come up, my email address is


Before school is a really busy time, so if you need to catch me before school,  a note or email is always best. Other than that, I’m generally available after school.

If you would like to discuss your child’s progress, it’s best to email me to make an appointment to meet so that I can be prepared.

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Busy comparing and ordering decimals


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General Information:


After week 6, homework will be either on Studyladder, which is an online and free website, accessible on iPads and computer, or in written form in a homework book, or both, depending on what your family chose.

In term 1 and 2, Studyladder homework will consist of mainly opportunities to revise for NAPLAN and learn times     tables and basic facts. There will be sets of Reading Comprehension, Language Conventions and Maths activities.  Each week, students will need to choose one activity from each set, completing a minimum of three activities altogether. 

I realise that life can get hectic, and that lots of families are involved in afterschool activities that can make it difficult to get to homework. Homework is not  mandatory.  Fit it in where you can.

If homework gets hard, try to make as much time as you can to make sure your child knows their times tables by the end of the year, and encourage them to read. If you have a reluctant reader at home, please let me know! (We will be working very hard on times tables here, too!)

‘Crunch and Sip’

Students at NKPS are encouraged to bring a small container of chopped fruit or vegetables to eat for a burst of energy in the afternoons. Our class will have ‘Crunch and Sip’ at around 2 pm every day. Students will get their snack out of their bag and eat at their desks while they are working. Students need to be bringing their own drink bottle to school, particularly as we continue to practice COVID19 aware behaviours. (Also, school is thirsty work!)

Library Day

Students need library bags to borrow books from the library, and in year 5 are able to borrow two books. Our Library day is Tuesday.


All of your child’s spare equipment will be kept in a labelled bag at school, so that it can be easily   accessed when needed. Later in the year, as items like glue sticks and blue pens need replacing, I will send a note home to let you know.


As I’m sure you’re aware, this year is a NAPLAN year for your student. NAPLAN will be in Week 4 of Term 2 this year. There will be more information about NAPLAN this term.

iPads in the Classroom

iPads and other technologies are a growing part of our children’s lives.

In the classroom, we will mostly use iPads as an occasional presentation tool, and as a way to research information.

If your child is using their own  device in the classroom, can you please assist them to make sure their device is fully charged and that they bring it to school every day.

If your child loses their iPad privileges at home as part of your management of their behaviour, can I please ask that they still bring it to school?  I will make sure I limit their fun with it during those times if you let me know by emailing

Getting Along Together And Social Media

We foster a sense of being part of a team in our classroom, of mutual respect and looking out for each other. 

Sometimes, what happens in cyber-space outside of school hours can invade the classroom.  If your child is active on Social Media, please ensure that they are using it in a positive way, particularly in relation to other students in the school.  Most  require users to be at least 13 years of age before they can register.

If you are looking for more information about how to navigate your child along the electronic superhighway, in particular in relation to their readiness for social  media, you might wish to look at the  Australian government website below.


Year 5 is a great time for students to continue to work on independent learning and self-management skills.  That said, they still need a bit of a hand.  Our library session is on Tuesdays, so please remind your child to find their books and library bag and pop them in their school bags on Monday night.  When Homework books are introduced, they will need to be returned every Thursday.

Behaviour Management

Positive behaviour will be rewarded with Gotchas and Blue Letters.  Students will be encouraged to decide when they have completed a piece of work that they’re especially proud of and would like to take to the office to show the Deputies or Principal. I will introduce group points a few weeks into term, and members of the group with the most points will win the privilege of having a small trophy on their desks for the following week.

NKPS uses the 1,2,3 Magic behaviour management strategy to manage inappropriate behaviours in the classroom.

I wish you all the best for a fabulous 2021 at NKPS, and if you have any questions, please email me at

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