The school canteen is proudly operated by the P and C

The canteen will now be offering online ordering, please head to to sign up. 

Open Every Day 


Please support our canteen so that we can keep it open for you! 

Our P&C thinks the canteen offers a sensational service to both students and parents at our school. We don’t want the canteen to run at a huge profit (we see it as a service rather than a profit-making venture) however, it must be able to support itself, including the wages of our canteen staff and the occasional necessary replacement of canteen equipment. To give this every chance of success, we have had to increase some prices (many of which have not been increased in the past 3 years despite suppliers increasing their charges).

We have launched a new menu which introduces some new stock items as well as including some of the old favourites. The new menu (which must comply with the Traffic Light System), and has been assessed and approved by the WA School Canteen Association (as we are a Government school, this is a Department of Education Policy).  The Summer Menu is for terms 1 and 4, with the Winter Menu being for terms 2 and 3.

The Traffic Light System was devised by the W.A Health Services for all Government Schools to follow, to encourage students to make healthy choices when purchasing food from the canteen. All GREEN foods should be eaten often, AMBER foods can be eaten every now and then as a special treat and RED foods should be avoided as they are not considered healthy choices.

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