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Welcome to North Kalgoorlie Kindergarten Yellow.

My name is Lisa Taylor and I am very much looking forward to an exciting year ahead. I believe in working together in collaboration with families to help your children grow and move from strength to strength during their time at Kindergarten.


I am fairly new to Kalgoorlie, I moved here 3 years ago with my family from Perth and we are very much enjoying ourselves within the community. I have a Bachelor of Education, specialising in Early Childhood Education. I have been lucky enough to teach the Kindergarten Yellow group for the past 2 years at NKPS. Upon our arrival I was fortunate enough to teach at a range of Kalgoorlie schools and varying year groups. Prior to Kalgoorlie I taught Kindergarten in Perth.  


Teaching Kindergarten for me is extremely rewarding as I watch the happy faces of the children come through the door in the morning, so eager to learn and grow. I feel fortunate to share the excitement of learning with them and assist in their learning, growth and development.

Kindergarten Staff 2022


Mrs Lisa Taylor

Education Assistant

Mrs Lauren Worthington

Physical Education

Miss Sheree Halford

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Welcome to Term One


During the first term the children will be learning all about themselves, their features and their families. They will learn nursery rhymes, routines of coming to Kindergarten and start to form relationships with peers and teachers.

The focus during English is name recognition, along with learning the formation of the letters in their own names.

Lots of activities will be undertaken where children will be exposed to their names in a variety of forms and context to allow them to become familiar and recognise their name, along with starting to write it independently.


Syllables are also started in Term 1. The children will start activities where they are tuning into the sounds of words and how they can break them into syllables. Nursery rhymes and rhyming words are also introduced through singing, chants and actions. 


During our Maths blocks the focus is number and the counting principles. Students will be learning to count and recite numbers 1-5. Also learning 1:1 correspondence where using small collections of objects they will learn that each object is counted once. Learning to compare collections such as, which has more, less or the same will also be taught through hands on activities. Children will use materials that can be manipulated to assist in learning these concepts. Subitising will also commence where children will learn through games and the use of dice. Shapes, colours and patterns are also a focus.






Name Writing Challenge: Thursday 3rd March.

Friday 4th March:  Pupil-Free Day.  (Professional Development day for staff.)

Thursday 7th April:  Last day of Term 1, 2022 for Kindergarten Yellow.

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