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Welcome to Room 14, 2023

My name is Tammy Williams and I am the classroom Teacher in Room 14 this year. I moved from Perth to Kalgoorlie at the beginning of 2022 to take up a Teaching position here at NKPS. Prior to that I spent Term 4, 2021 in Leonora working at the District High School there, and before that I was doing relief work in Perth schools and working at a Part-Time job.

In Room 14 we are currently working on getting our lesson routines sorted and transitioning to different lessons efficiently.

I have enjoyed getting to know your children and look forward to a fun filled year with them. 

Below I have included some important information for this term and look forward to sharing some of Room 14's fantastic work with you later in the term.

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Our class Timetable

Timetable 2023 edited.jpg

Our news roster

As part of our Literacy block learning this year, focusing on oral language development, each student is being asked to present News once a week as outlined in the image above. I remind them the day before their news that their turn is coming up.


On their news day your child can either bring something in from home to show the class and speak about, or they can tell us about something they did or something that happened to them that they would like to share. The audience then have an opportunity to ask questions about the news to gain more information.


If you are worried about your child bringing in something valuable please feel free to have a chat to me. I am able to lock items away until news time and after news has been told.

So far this week, news has been a big hit in the classroom and we have heard some fantastic stories and seen some favourite toys.

Term One

Term Two.

Term Three.

Term 4.

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