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Welcome to Room 14, 2022

My name is Tammy Williams and I am the classroom Teacher in Room 14 this year. I recently moved from Perth to Kalgoorlie to take up the Teaching position here at NKPS. Prior to that I spent Term 4 last year in Leonora working at the District High School there, and before that I was doing relief work in Perth schools and working at a Part-Time job.

In Room 14 we are currently working on getting our lesson routines sorted and transitioning to different lessons efficiently.

I have enjoyed getting to know your children over the last two weeks and look forward to a fun filled year with them. 

Below I have included some important information for this term and look forward to sharing some of Room 14's fantastic work with you later in the term.

Our class Timetable

Our news roster

timetable updated.jpg

As part of our Literacy block learning this year, focusing on oral language development, each student is being asked to present News once a week as outlined in the image above. I remind them the day before their news that their turn is coming up.


On their news day your child can either bring something in from home to show the class and speak about, or they can tell us about something they did or something that happened to them that they would like to share. The audience then have an opportunity to ask questions about the news to gain more information.


If you are worried about your child bringing in something valuable please feel free to have a chat to me. I am able to lock items away until news time and after news has been told.

So far this week, news has been a big hit in the classroom and we have heard some fantastic stories and seen some favourite toys.

NKPS Term Planner.

Here is the NKPS Term planner. 


Please keep in mind that anything on the NKPS Term Planner could change at any time due to the ongoing Covid19 situation.

Please see the school Connect page for up to date information regarding change of activities and Covid19 procedures.

Term One


Student's in Room 14 were challenged to create a building out of Lego in small groups. They were required to include one 'door' and two 'windows' in their buildings and they had to stay standing once finished to be considered successful. Here are some pictures of them creating their buildings and the finished products from each group.

pic 1.jpg
pic 10.jpg
pic 4.jpg
pic 8.jpg
pic 2.jpg
pic 9.jpg
pic 3.jpg
pic 7.jpg
pic 5.jpg
pic 6.jpg

Harmony Day in Room 14

On Wednesday 23rd March, 2022 NKPS celebrated Harmony Day. Room 14 had a lot of fun completing some creative activities to show our individuality and highlight how we are all different but we all belong here in Australia.

Term Two.

STEM Project.

In Term 2 we completed a STEM project based on the book 'How to catch a tooth fairy' by Adam Wallace. We read the book and had a discussion about how we could try to catch a tooth fairy and all of the materials we might need. Students then worked in small groups to plan, design and eventually build a tooth fairy trap.  


Term Three.


In Term 3 we completed Art activities looking at different ways to use and create colours.

We completed a scratch art 'hot air balloon' activity after reading the story 'Up'. Students used oil pastels to colour in their balloon in random patterns. We then painted the whole thing with black acrylic paint. Once it was dry students used pop sticks to draw patterns into their balloon so that the colours would come through. We then attached a basket and a photo of each student to the balloon so that it looked like they were in the hot air balloon.

We also completed a jellyfish activity. Students had to use dots of paint, in colours they selected, and use a flat tool to spread the paint out covering the whole jellyfish in patterned paint. Once it was dry they had to cut it out, glue the parts together and add tentacles using crepe paper.

scratch art 2.jpg
scratch art 1.jpg

Father's Day

For Father's day Room 14 created photo frames for their dads. Student got to choose the colour they thought their dad would like the most to paint their photo frame. We then added glitter to make the word "dad" stand out from the rest of the frame. Students then wrote 'Happy Father's Day' in one section of the frame, they drew a picture in another section and we added a photo to the third section as a keepsake for all the dads. We also created Father's day cards to give along with the photo frames.

pic 3.jpg
pic 2.jpg
pic 1.jpg

Karlkurla Park Excursion.

Room 14 was lucky enough to attend an excursion to Karlkurla Park with the Year 1 and 2's from Rooms 12, 13, 15, 16 and 17. We went in two groups and Room 14 attended the afternoon session. It was a lovely sunny day and students enjoyed their walk through Karlkurla Park. Mr Murray and Mrs Day came with us and pointed out different indigenous plants and trees, told us the name for them in English and Wongatha and told us what they were used for. 

photo 5.jpg
photo 3.jpg
photo 2_edited.jpg

NAIDOC week.

During NAIDOC week we were lucky enough to get to participate in an activity created and delivered by some Year 6's. The Year 6's read us the story 'How the birds got their colours'. We then got to create our own colourful birds by colouring them in and adding feathers to them.



Room 14 has been working hard in Maths lessons in Term 3. We have worked on counting to and from 100 starting at any point, skip counting by 2's, 5's and 10's, data collection, graphing, time to the hour and half hour and counting on from the larger number. Here are some pictures of us using dominoes to practice counting on from the larger number.

counting on 3_edited.jpg
counting on 4_edited.jpg
counting on 2.jpg
counting on 1_edited.jpg

Term 4.

Life Ed: Healthy Harold Incursion

Room 14 went to a Life Ed: Healthy Harold incursion. We learned about being a good friend and supporting our friends. We also learned that it is alright to be afraid of new things and that it helps to have a good friend to help you through challenging times. On Friday Healthy Harold came to the assembly and said hello to everyone. We were lucky enough to get a class photo with Healthy Harold.


For Halloween we worked collaborated as a class to create an eyeball wreath to decorate our classroom door. We also created individual masks - which ended up more pretty than scary for most of them.

Funtime Lunchtime

Room 14 had an absolute ball at Funtime Lunchtime. They enjoyed working together to create posters for our stand and absolutely loved going around and seeing the things other classes were selling. 

Cookie the Elf's Escapades


Stay tuned for more fantastic work in Term 4.

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