Kindergarten Blue and Red

Welcome to North Kalgoorlie Kindergarten. My name is Margaret Miller and I am the teacher for Red and Blue Groups at North Kalgoorlie Kindergarten. I love working at North Kalgoorlie Primary School and I believe that our biggest strength is the wonderful parents and children who make up our school community.

I have a qualification in Early Childhood Education and I have been teaching for 33 years. I started my teaching career in the Pilbara where I taught for 6 years before returning to the Goldfields in 1995. I have been lucky enough to have been a part of the wonderful team at North Kalgoorlie Primary School for nearly 25 years. The bulk of my teaching experience has been in Pre-Primary and Kindergarten. I find teaching and working with young children and their families to be an extremely rewarding profession. I love the energy and enthusiasm that little people bring to class with them each and every day and feel very privileged to be a part of their exciting learning journey through Kindergarten.


Kindergarten Staff 2021


Miss Margaret Miller
Miss Sarah Bogensperger

Education Assistants
Ms Stacey Kemp
Mrs Lori Tonkin

Physical Education
Miss Sheree Halford

Kindy Red and Blue Timetable




Class Theme:

As our Aussie Athletes headed to Tokyo for the 2021 Olympic Games, we commenced Term 3 with an “Olympic Theme” at North Kalgoorlie Kindergarten. We learnt some interesting facts and information about the Olympics Games and also participated in a variety of activities around this topic. To celebrate all of our learning in this area we finished off with a “Mini Olympics Day” for each Kindergarten class.

Our class theme for the rest of the term is All Creatures Great and Small. Children will be exploring this theme and discovering lots of new and exciting things about insects and garden creatures, domesticated pets and farm animals. We will be learning through various forms of literature and a wide variety of play based and hands on learning experiences.


  1. Continue to work on syllabification, rhyme and rhyme identification. 

  2.  Begin Alphabet Instruction with a focus on Alphabet Sounds and Lower-case Letter Formation and the commencement of Onset and Rime Blending.

  3. Exploring language patterns in narratives.

  4. Predicting what might happen next in texts.

  5. Identifying simple punctuation.

  6. Continuing to improve fine motor strength and control.



  1. Continue to focus on number and the Principles of Counting.

  2. Exploring numbers to ten by reading, writing and ordering them.

  3. Counting orally to 20.

  4. Continuing to sort, classify, compare, and order objects by different attributes.

  5. Starting to use more comparative language.

  6. Beginning to describe their physical world with directional words, e.g. in front of, behind etc.



Crazy Hair Day Monday 16th August 2021 –Blue Group.

Crazy Hair Day Thursday 19th August 2021-Red Group.


Fruit and Vegie Challenge: Monday 20th September 2021- Blue Group. (information to follow)

Fruit and Vegie Challenge Thursday 23rd September 2021-Red Group. (information to follow)

Week 10

Learning Journey Red and Blue Groups: Tuesday 21st September- 5.00-6.30 p.m.

Last day of term: Friday the 24th of September 2021. (Blue Group)


Welcome back all parents and carers to a very busy and exciting term 2. Parent Help will commence at Kindergarten in Week 3 and if you would like to come into our classroom to help please write your name down on the roster. At North Kalgoorlie Primary School parent participation in student learning is highly valued. We are all partners in your child’s education and welcome your input into our learning program. Parent Help is from 9.00 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.



This term one of our class themes will be learning about occupations and the different people who live and work in our community. As we have done in previous years, we are hoping to invite some of our town’s emergency services to come and speak with the children about their roles in the community. We would also like some of our parents to come in and talk to the students about their jobs. If any member of your family has a job that they would like to talk to our Kindy children about, please come and see me and we can sort out a date and time. In the eyes of your children you all do amazing things.


  1. Introduction of English and Maths rotational activities.

  2. Preparation for the Alphabet and Blending. (PLD in the Early Years)

  3. Continue to syllabify words.

  4. Introduction of rhyme and rhyme identification.

  5. Engaging in reading and writing behaviours.

  6. Improving fine motor strength and control.

  7. Improving gross motor strength and control.

  8. Focusing on number and the principles of counting.

  9. Reading, writing and ordering numerals to 5 and beyond.

  10. Comparing and ordering objects according to their shape, size and length.