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Welcome to Flanagan Pre-primary 2022

Yuwa! Palya?

(Hello! How are you?)

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What to bring to school

  • ​A hat

  • A piece of fruit (that I like)

  • A healthy lunch (that I like)

  • A water bottle 

  • Spare clothes



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Term 3

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Term 3 Special Events

  • School photos

  • PP Assembly

  • 100 days of school celebration

  • NAIDOC week

  • Bookweek

  • Faction athletics carnival

  • Open night

  • Footy colours day


  • Reading with your child every night is enjoyable and valuable.

  • Term 1 home reading is the 'comprehension' book that has the 'speech' label on

         the front cover.  Inside the front cover are instructions on how to support your child's oral

        comprehension as well as recommended questions for 4-5 year-olds on some of the pages. 

  • These books will be sent home on Fridays.

  • ​Decodable readers will begin early in term two when your child and/or when they are believed to be ready both academically and emotionally. This is critical as we do not want to discourage students from being confident to read by overwhelming them. Home readers will be changed on Fridays so please help your child to remember their homework bag (probably the tartan one with two zippers).

Speaking and Listening

  • Talk and listen to your child.

  • Model being an attentive listener.

  • Explain the meaning of new words. Use them in a sentence.

  • NEWS:  plan and rehearse your child’s news before going to the school on the news-telling day.


  • Play cards and board games.

  • Go shopping together. ID and use coins. Talk about how many (more/less/equal), how much, how heavy/light, long/short...

  • Cook together. Talk about how many, how much, how heavy/light, long/short (time & length), hot/cold...

  • Play outside together. Score, strategise.

  • Have fun.

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Following are three simple graphics that explain how to support your child with their reading.

Decoding poster Tiny steps make big strides.jpg
blending poster.jpg
HASS title.jpg
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HASS in semester two is Geography.

  • We will ask and answer questions about special places and how to care for them.

  • We will record, compare and discuss what we learn.

  • We will need your help along the way.

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More Important Stuff!

In Pre-primary at NKPS we teach handwriting with the SA Beginner GT font. An example of the alphabet in this font is below which may help you to support your budding writer.

Woman Tutoring Child
pencil image for handwriting.png
PLD pencil grip snip.jpg
SA Beginner alphabet chart.png


Our Talk for Writing text this term has been The Little Red Hen. We integrated visual art with our writing to create these beautiful works of art. Then we hung them in our gallery and discussed why we liked or disliked them.



important documents

Start of Year Information for Parents - 2023

Before the School Year Begins Information for Parents

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