​From the Department of Education Western Australia:
‘From the beginning of 2018, Western Australian schools are required to implement at least one language in Year 3.’
By 2023, all students from Years 3 to 8 will be learning a language.

Staggered implementation from 2018:
2018       2019       2020       2021
Year 3    Year 4    Year 5    Year 6

ロベルツ 先生
Roberts Sensei

Welcome to Japanese.  My name is Christine Roberts and I have taken on the role of teaching Japanese to Year 3. My first posting to North Kalgoorlie Primary School was in 1997, since then I have taught in remote schools, taken on specialist roles for the Goldfields and had 3 children.  I was born and educated in Kalgoorlie so am a true local! My husband, Mr Roberts, is the principal and all my children have attended/attend NKPS.  As you can see we are a dedicated North Kalgoorlie family!
I am delighted with my new role at the school as I have loved Japan since my first visit in 1990. I have been back many times and continue to learn about, and appreciate, its fascinating culture. I am very excited to be able to share my passion with the students at NKPS.

Japan has 3 writing systems - Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji.  The first system we are learning is Hiragana.    Each Hiragana character is a single syllable. We will be using a karate belt system to help us break it down into easy chunks.   At the moment we are concentrating on the first 5 characters for a white belt :

あ  い  う  え  お
a     i    u   e    o

Some of the apps we will be using in class are:

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