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Meet North Kalgoorlie Primary School's Board Members

Jessica Stockdale (Chairperson)

Derek Fowler (parent member)

Damien Dickinson (parent member)

Natasha McCormack (parent member)

Rob Sterry (community member)

Michelle Campbell (community member)
David Roberts (Principal)
Kylie King (School Representative)
Jan Rowling (School Representative)

Elisabeth Gooding (School Representative) 

Joanna Stuart (School Representative)

The council or board has the following functions, as stipulated in the School Education Act 1999, School Education Regulations 2000, associated delegations and, if incorporated, the Associations Incorporation Act 1987:

1 to take part in:
a) establishing and reviewing from time to time, the school’s objectives, priorities and general policy directions;
b) the planning of financial arrangements necessary to fund those objectives, priorities and directions;
c) evaluating the school’s performance in achieving them; and
d) formulating codes of conduct for students at the school;

2 to determine in consultation with students, their parents and staff a dress code for students when they are attending or representing the school;

3 to promote the school in the community;

4 to approve:
a) charges and contributions for the provision of certain materials, services and facilities;
b) extra cost optional components of educational programmes;
c) items to be supplied by a student for use in an educational programme; and
d) any agreements or arrangements for advertising or sponsorship in relation to the school;

5 to provide advice to the principal of the school on:
a) a general policy concerning the use in school activities of prayers, songs and material based on religious, spiritual or
moral values being used in a school activity as part of religious education; and
b) the implementation of special religious education;

6 with the approval of the Minister, or the Minister’s delegate the Director General, or sub-delegates the Deputy Director General,
Schools or Regional Executive Directors for government schools in their regions to:
a) take part in the selection of, but not the appointment of, the school principal or any other member of the teaching staff.

The council or board cannot:
1 intervene in the educational instruction of students;
2 exercise authority over teaching staff or other persons employed at the school;
3 control or manage the school unless the intervention is by way of performing a function prescribed for incorporated councils or
boards (see section 3.3- Incorporated councils or boards); or
4 intervene in the management or operation of a school fund.

The council or board must comply with any conditions imposed on it by the Minister pursuant to section 130(3)(c) of the School Education Act 1999, and any directions issued by the Minister pursuant to section 135(1) of the School Education Act.

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