Physical Education

Interschool Athletics Carnival

On Wednesday the 22nd September South Kalgoorlie Primary hosted the Pool A Interschool Athletics Carnival. A fantastic day was had by all staff and students who were present for the day. 


North Kalgoorlie had a very successful day coming home with the following individual awards:

Year 3 Boys Runner Up Champion Boy- Tyler Adams

Year 3 Champion Girl- Ariel Hurst

Year 6 Girls Champion Girl- Catherine Roberts

North Kalgoorlie was also awarded the Meritorious Shield for 2021.

A huge thank you to South Kalgoorlie for organising a fantastic day.

Congratulations to all our students for the amazing work they put in on the day. 

Hockey WA Visit

On Wednesday the 15th of September we received a visit from Chris Ciriello, Ed Ockenden and Blake Govers who came out to give our year 6's a hockey clinic. Huge thank you to Hockey Australia and Hockey WA who were able to bring these current and former Kookaburra players to Kalgoorlie, also a huge thank you to Blake for letting our students have a look and hold you silver medal from Tokyo. 

Athletics Carnival

Thursday 9th September and Friday the 10th September was our annual Athletics Carnival. Congratulations to all students who competed. It was a fantastic two days of events. 

Champion Faction

1st- Ivanhoe  - 703 points

2nd- Imperial - 688 points

3rd- Oroya-      687 points

4th- Croesus- 638 points

Meritorious Shield



Championship Awards


Year 3 Girls Champion-  Ariel Hurst                    Oroya

Runner Up-                  Galatia Talamo              Imperial

Year 3 Boys Champion-  Tyler Adams                       Croesus

Runner Up-                  Caleb Treen                       Imperial


Year 4 Girls Champion-  Khloe Matheson                 Imperial

Runner Up-                   Bella Holman                Croesus


Year 4 Boys Champion-  Declan Hillman                  Ivanhoe

Runner Up-                   Jamar Johnson                    Imperial


Year 5 Girls Champion-  Hayley Butler                 Imperial

Runner Up-                  Tahlia Iti                        Oroya


Year 5 Boys Champion-  Kaiden Muir                   Imperial

Runner Up-                  Tomai Figure                   Croesus


Year 6 Girls Champion-  Catherine Roberts            Oroya

Runner Up                   Kyra Davis                     Imperial


Year 6 Boys- Champion-  Logan Gill                     Ivanhoe

Runner Up-                   Christian Hillman            Ivanhoe


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Interschool Cross Country Carnival

The Interschool Cross Country Carnival was held on Friday 30th July. North Kalgoorlie took 32 students to compete at the carnival. It was a wet and windy day but all students ran well. Congratulations to all our runners all your hard work paid off as North Kalgoorlie came home with the trophy for Champion School for Pool A

Congratulations to the following Students who finished in the top 3:

Ariel Hurst- 1st Year 3 Girls

Thomas Allen- 2nd Year 3 Boys

Maddison Vlak- 1st Year 6 Girls

Catherine Roberts- 2nd Year 6 Girls

Constance Watson-Jones- 3rd Year 6 Girls