Hi! My name is Michelle Hancock and I am the Year Six teacher for Room 10. I am originally from Perth, making the move out to Kalgoorlie in mid 2021 after spending the previous year in and out of the region. This will  be my first year in Year Six at North Kalgoorlie Primary School, moving up from lower primary.

I am so excited for the year ahead, and encourage your involvement in your child's learning and all the exciting events we have for our 2022 leavers!

Harmony Day

Wednesday the 23rd of March was Harmony Day. Room 10 students created an informational poster of the origin of a flag of their choice from around the world. They did an amazing job recreating the flag using a mixed media of oil pastels and water colours. The display went up in the hall for all to see and learn from.

Anzac Day

In Week 10, we learnt about the struggles of the ANZAC’s when they landed at Gallipoli. Students coffee-stained paper to create an old-fashioned effect, and then wrote a diary entry as a soldier who has survived day one at Gallipoli.

Students also explored with oil pastels and paper layering to create silhouettes.

Visual Art

In Term One, students studied the work of Yvonne Zago and finally created their own art piece inspired by her work. Students enjoyed getting out of the classroom to explore the natural textures, patterns and colours seen in nature during this unit of work. The criteria for the final artwork was the use of mixed media, have a human like creature in the foreground of the artwork and including a midground and background to complement their creature.


Over the course of Term One, students have enjoyed working hands on to cover a variety of concepts across number, algebra, measurement and geometry.  Students enjoyed using a hands on approach through utilising the Top Ten Mathematics program and incorporating in Paul Swan games to help students with rapid recall and mental mathematics.


Students completed a inquiry on Australia's history as a nation using the Inquisitive learning program. Students enjoyed making very creative an animated videos explaining events surrounding the signing of Australia's Constitution and forming the Commonwealth.


In term one, students created informational reports on the Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics after exploring the different events that athletes compete in. They investigated what made the 2022 Winter Olympics different from other years, and had a look at the history of the Winter Olympics.

Students should also be extremely commended for the progress seen in this terms Spelling results, following the Diana Rigg spelling program.