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Hi! My name is Michelle Hancock and I am the Year Six teacher for Room 10.


I am originally from Perth, making the move out to Kalgoorlie in mid 2021 after spending the previous year in and out of the region. This is my second-year teaching Year Six at North Kalgoorlie Primary School.

I am so excited for the year ahead, and encourage your involvement in your child's learning and all the exciting events we have for our 2023 leavers!

Speedway Incursion

Friday, the 17/02/2023, Room 10 had the awesome opportunity to meet Peter, Buck and Kevin who officiate and race at the Kalgoorlie International Speedway. We learnt about road safety and about the speedway drivers stay safe at the track. 

After the incursion, students in Room 10 reflected on what they enjoyed. They loved getting to see the speedway cars up close and even had the opportunity to get in! The gear the drivers wear was really interesting as it had a protective fire layer in the suit. They got to learn about what each flag meant and when it would be used in a race. 

Many of the students managed to snag some free tickets for this weekend's speedway, so they will get to see their new favourite cars in action. 

Room 10 thank Peter, Buck and Kevin for this amazing opportunity! We had a blast!

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