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Hi! My name is Michelle Hancock and I am the Year Six teacher for Room 10.


I am originally from Perth, making the move out to Kalgoorlie in mid 2021 after spending the previous year in and out of the region. This is my third year teaching Year Six at North Kalgoorlie Primary School.

I am so excited for the year ahead, and encourage your involvement in your child's learning and all the exciting events we have for our 2024 leavers!




This term, the Year 6 cohort is joining together to look at the effects of fast fashion is having on the world. They will be creating two projects that follow the reduce, reuse, recycle method by repurposing old clothes and materials into useful items.

We are asking for donations from homes of unwanted garments, for us to use for our projects. These can be brought to Room 10 or Room 8.

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